Audio Engineering & Music Production

  • Introductory course in Music Production
    and Audio Engineering
  • Introductory Course in Audio Engineering
  • Advanced Course in Mixing and Mastering
  • Online interactive classes are available

Pranavam’s Sound Engineering
Course comprises of 3 Trimesters


  1. Basic Course (3 months)
  2. Intermediate course (3 months)
  3. Advance Course (3 months)

List of Equipment

Allen and Heath Digital Mixer QU32 I
Mackie Analog Mixer pro16V2 I
Mackie Thump 15 Box I
Projector for taking class I
Audio Technica Mic I
Sure SM 58 Mic I
Sure MN 57 Mic I
Yamaha HS 80 (Studio Monitor) I
M Audio Oxigen 88 Midi Keyboard for Midi Studio I
Stereo Recording Studio I