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Our Story 01

Our Story

This Piano School started functioning as ‘PRANAVAM the school of piano’, in the month of Nov 2010. This is an organization which is functioning exclusively for the study of Piano and keybords.

With our vast experience in piano training and through the studies on international methods, we succeeded in developing a training system which will cater the taste and efficiency of the students. For implementing the self developed piano coaching method and for conveying the importance of piano in composing and conducting music, we started this organization.

Programmes 02


Monthly Programme

‘PRANAVAM the school of piano’ regularly conduct the stage programmes. The students can over come their shyness to perform in front of a gathering through these Monthly Stage Programmes. Through these programmes parents are also getting an opportunity to assesss their child’s progress in piano studies



Combined Annual Motivation Programmes

Every year during the month of April ‘PRANAVAM the school of piano’ used to conduct and intense one full month CAMP on piano for its students. Only a maximum of 25 selected ‘PRANAVAM’ piano school students, will be allowed to attend these CAMPs. Power point Presentation and paper submission are also included in this session.

Special classes 04

Special classes

Special classes for students aged from 4 to 7 years

It is noted that very small children, who start studying piano around the age of 4 years are found grasping the subject quickly and excelling better in piano, than who are joining piano classes at a later stage. But, it is difficult for a teacher to give instructions to very small students at the age of 4.
A homely atmosphere with parent in corporation is required in the case of such every small piano students. So, in ‘PRANAVAM the school of piano’, either of their parents are allowed to sit with the small students during the class hours, until they become self reliant on piano or upto the age of 7.

Sound Engineering 05

Sound Engineering

Classess for Audio Engineering and Music Production

‘PRANAVAM the school of piano ’ started the following courses :

  • Introductory course in Music Production and Audio Engineering
  • Introductory Course in Audio Engineering
  • Advanced Course in Mixing and Mastering
  • Online interactive classes are available

Key Benefits

you get when you join our piano keyboard and sound engineering courses


In 2014 ‘PRANAVAM the school of piano’ got affiliated to the TRINITY school of London. Now ‘PRANAVAM the school of piano’ is accepted and functioning as the examination centre of TRINITY. TRINITY school’s examinations are conducted yearly twice by ‘PRANAVAM’. (Both theory and Practical)


‘PRANAVAM the school of piano’ has fully air conditioned piano and keyboard class rooms and a separate room is provided for the Pianos only


Saturday and Sunday 7 am to 1 pm
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm


‘PRANAVAM the school of piano’ owns a well-equipped recording studio also in its premises, which gives an exposure to its talented students, to the professional music world


‘PRANAVAM school of piano and sound engineering’ has more than 6 Digital Piano’s, 20 Keyboards, Computerized ear training equipment, Projector for the theory classes and more than 11 Sound engineering equipments.


PRANAVAM Sound Engineering Course comprises of 3 Trimesters. Which are  Basic course, Intermediate course and Advance courses.